Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The Forum @ Columbia University - Part 1

 On Sunday, the NYC Urban Sketchers met at a new venue for us. "The Forum" at Columbia University is located at 125 St and Broadway. It is a public space with lots of tables and chairs that is used by the Columbia students as well as people in the neighborhood. With floor to ceiling windows looking out on the city views, it was a perfect place to be out of the cold and still feel like you were sitting outdoors. Some of the windows overlooked the corner where the #1 train was elevated above our heads. The structure of it was very complex, but fun to try to draw. I did the basic structure that I could see clearly and sort of winged the rest to make it look believable. I hope I succeeded.


  1. This is an amazing sketch. Love it and learning about New York.

    1. Glad you enjoy seeing my NYC Sketches. They are fun to do.