Wednesday, May 20, 2015


My plein air group painted at a u-pick tulip field last week. I bought a few tulips to bring home. Of course by the time I sat down to paint them some of them were long past their prime...which gave them a bit of character.

EDM - May 19 - a cupcake

I don't buy cupcakes and didn't have time to stop and sketch one somewhere that has them. This is a composite of several cupcakes I saw on the internet...with chocolate frosting of course!


  1. Oh that tulip field must have been beautiful. Yes yours have character and are lovely!

  2. How fun to visit a tulip field, something I still need to do! I love your floral composition and I'm wishing I could eat the cupcake! Chocolate frosting is my favorite!

  3. I think both sketches are fabulous, Joan! The flowers are really exquisite and yes, the wilting of a couple of the tulips just lends to the artistry of this piece!

  4. Thanks, Sherry! I always like when things are a little imperfect...with character. lol