Sunday, May 24, 2015


This weekend we are celebrating Memorial Day, a time we honor the men and woman who have died in service to our country. One of my art associations, the Wet Paints Studio Group had our members show this weekend. Included in the show was a section devoted to paintings that honor those who served or paintings that show patriotism. I knew exactly what I wanted to paint.

My father-in-law served in Europe during World War II in the Air Force. He has a shadowbox containing a photo of himself being awarded a medal and two different medals as well as his battalion insignia. I borrowed them, took them out of the box and rearranged them to create a painting. The title of this is "Honored" and it is 8 x 10.

I am behind in posting my EDM sketches. Here they are.

May 21 - where I sit to read

May 22 - something attached to my wall

May 23 - interesting detail to a building

May 24 - some keys


  1. Good painting and an excellent tribute for Memorial Day.

  2. What a fabulous Memorial Day painting and I'm sure you father-in-law is pleased. It is just wonderful, Joan! I love your EDM paintings so much. Always can count on interest and color from you in these sketches!

  3. Thank, Kate.

    Sherry, LOL he hasn't seen it yet. Thanks for your visits and comments.

  4. I absolutely love the memorial and your other Memorial Day sketches. You are amazing!