Friday, July 31, 2020

Back to Latvia

Two years ago at this time I was in Riga, Latvia for my nephew and his wife's wedding that took place after I attended the Porto Symposium. Thinking about that time I looked through my photos from Riga to find something to sketch tonight. Doesn't this restaurant look fun with the cows on the building and the floral decorations?

And here is the happy couple, Joe and Angela who got married then. Their wedding ceremony and reception was on the beach.


  1. I love this restaurant. Awwww, such a beautiful sweet couple. You did great!

    1. Thanks, Jo. I keep remembering how hot it was in Latvia and how hot it was at the wedding. lol It was fun anyway!

  2. I recall your other side trips before and after Porto Symposium. It's so nice to reflect back on that happy time. Your restaurant sketch is so lively full of details, it's great!