Thursday, August 9, 2018

Porto Day 7

Although the USk Porto Symposium itself was over there were a lot of sketchers who stayed on in Porto. On Sunday morning Julie and I decided we wanted to sketch some of the narrow streets near R de Belmont and R de S Joao. We set ourselves up and let Sandrine from Paris know where we were. She was checking out of her hotel and leaving that afternoon, but she wanted to sketch with us one more time. Her chair was already packed so she stood and painted resting her materials on her luggage. As you can see there wasn't a lot of room to work and still let people pass by.

Here is the painting I did in that location.

And a closer view.

We went out for a relaxing lunch before Sandrine left for the airport. Hopefully we will see her next year at the Amsterdam Symposium.

Julie and I sketched again and heard from Marcy and Shawne. The plan was to meet them at the Monastery da Serra do Pilar which was on the other side of the Luis I bridge. I hadn't walked across the bridge yet so this was a treat...although it was a long walk and then the Monastery was up on a high hill. This was the view from the Monastery.
View of the upper level of the Luis I bridge from the Monastery da Serra do Pilar.

Imagine our surprise when Julie and I got to the top to find our NYC Urban Sketching friend, Mel up there sketching the view. He had the same idea as the rest of us to watch/sketch the sunset from up there.

Mel Barranco working on his sunset painting.

Julie Kessler sketching the view.

Shawne Cooper capturing the scene.

My sketch with the view.

Sunset over Porto.

My double page spread of the sunset over Porto.

By the time we walked down from the monastery we had no luck making dinner reservations on this side of the river, so we crossed back over the bridge and found Canfinho da Se' a wonderful restaurant near the bridge. We hung out there talking for a long time. We said goodbye to Mel who was heading to Madrid to visit his parents and celebrate his mom's birthday. Julie was leaving for NYC in the morning,  and Shawne & Marcy were heading to Lisbon the next day, so it was a night for goodbyes until we see each other in NY.


  1. Looks like an amazing trip, Joan!!!! Beautiful sketch and wonderful photos.

  2. There was a sense of tranquility and laid back feeling that evening. Perhaps, we were all ready to say goodnight, not goodbye, to Porto. Nice sketch of that complex street scene.

    1. Thanks, Mel. It was a great night and I'm glad we all spent that last time together there.

  3. Wow, Joan! I think you and all the sketchers outdid yourselves. Beautiful sketches. How fun to meet with artists from around the world and get to meet your on-line friends. Can’t wait to follow along next year!

    1. Jo, you know how much fun it is to be with other sketchers, so you can sort of imagine what is was like with so many people. lol Thanks.

  4. Wow - another fabulous day of sketches - thank you so much for sharing your adventures Joan.

    1. Val, thank you so much. It is fun to share it and relive it again.