Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Porto Day 6

Saturday, July 21 was the last day of the Symposium. I met Julie up near the Se' Cathedral and we sketched the view from around the back looking out over the city.

In the afternoon there was the final sketchwalk which ended at the Plaza da Libertad. The plaza was filled with sketchers as far as you could see. 

This was where the group photo of the Porto Symposium was taken. Can you find me in the photo?

Here are a few more photos taken in the plaza.

Sonia and Marcy were sketching.

We had a small contingent of males from NYC...Jeff, Mark, Alan, and Mel.

Most of the NYC Urban Sketchers who came to Porto.

It is always a bit sad for the end of the symposium to arrive. There was a closing reception that evening at the hub. Prizes were raffled off and there was a silent auction of sketches that were submitted with profits going to help fund the next symposium which will be in Amsterdam next year. I was still looking forward to several more days of sketching in Porto.


  1. Toward the right side, farthest back, look for a raised white hat and see the man wearing a blue shirt and a hat; come down two rows in front and see the lady with a white shirt and blonde hair. That's you, Joan, in that group picture! Thanks for posting our NYC USk group picture.

  2. Wasn't it amazing to see all the sketchers everywhere at the final sketchcrawl? I am always moved when I see that -- being with my worldwide tribe!

    - Tina

    1. Tina, the number of people is always amazing to me...quite a tribe!

  3. Wonderful sketch of the city Joan. Wow - that is a lot of sketchers!