Saturday, January 20, 2018

Women's March 2018

Today was the Women's March 2018. It is hard to believe that it is already a year since the last one and it seems things have gone steadily downhill. I knew I had to be part of the march again. I tried to get together with friends but nobody from out where I live was interesting in going into the city, since there was a local march. One of my sketching friends, Julie was getting together with a group of friends and invite me to join them.

I took the 8:40 train from Ronkonkoma along with many other protesters. I did a sketch of a few women that were sitting near me on the train.

I was meeting Julie and her friends at the Aroma Expresso Bar on 72nd St. I was early so I stood outside and sketched some of the protesters that were getting ready to march. Shortly thereafter I was joined by another friend of ours who planned to sketch. Here are the sketches I did outside the coffee shop.

Finally we were all together and started to head to the march. 72nd St was filled with people, wall to wall, so the police were moving the crowd up to 75th St. We made a left and the next thing I knew I had lost everyone except one of of Julie's friends. It is hard enough to keep people you recognize in your site, but it is nearly impossible when you don't know the people. I texted Julie a few times but in the process I lost the one person that was with me. lol Finally I decided to just go it alone. The crowd was intense and not moving since the march hadn't actually started down Central Park West. I scooted out of the barricades and found a spot to lean against a building and started sketching the crowd...this is the result.

By the time I finished this sketch I needed a restroom and something to eat. I walked away from the crowd and took care of both. Then I headed back up to Central Park West. I walked with the crowd for quite a while and then went off to the side and did another final sketch of the crowd.

In case you want to see more, here are a few photos. People were very clever coming up with signs for the march.


  1. Fantastic sketches! I decided not to march this year, but I was with you all in spirit.

    1. Thanks. I didn't really march too far, but it was great to be out there with everyone!

  2. Fabulous sketches of a fantastic event. Thank you for sharing them and the photos Joan.

  3. Recording history. Your crowd sketches are really remarkable. I enjoyed reading the signs. Did you do extra work on these later? It blows me away to think you can do all these on the fly. They have detailed faces clothes shoes etc... Amazing!! Kudos.

  4. Thank you, Julie. These were about 95% done on site...usually pencil first, followed by ink and then watercolor, or the other way around. I try to sketch them and what they are wearing. The train one was done completely on ride to the city which takes about an hour and 20 min. A few of the others I added darker ink lines and a touch more of color. For the last one because they were moving past me too fast so some of the people are more than one person combined...maybe the head of one person, the torso of another, etc.