Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sunday Morning

On Sunday I went into the city.  Taking the Long Island Railroad gave me a little time to do a pencil sketch of one of my fellow riders.

When I got to Penn Station I stopped for a cup of coffee in Au Bon Pain. The customers were perfect for a sketch. This was done with a Lamy Safari pen filled with a water-soluble brown ink that bleeds nicely for shading.


  1. Thanks for recommending the pen - I really like the effect.
    I enjoyed catching up on all your wonderful sketches. So amazing.

  2. Thanks, Julie. I like the Lamy pens both with permanent ink and water-soluble ink.

  3. These are super Joan and I really like the effect of the Lamy pen. I have decided to make a note of the pens that you mention so that the next time I order supplies I can order some and give thema a try. I might have to check back on a few of your blogs to get some names - lol. Thanks for sharing.