Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Rubin Block Party - Part 1

On Sunday we went to the Rubin Block Party. The Rubin Museum is a museum of Himalayan art and artifacts. They hosted a block party with music, dance, information, craft events, food and lots of people. We got there early and there were NYC Urban Sketchers up and down the street. My first sketch was of one of the entrances to Xavier High School, a prep school for boys. Yes, this is the girls entrance so I am assuming that at one time the building was a coed school. Sitting on the steps was my friend Patricia Giagnat who was sketching from the steps on the other side.

Unbeknown to me, Pat was sketching me at the same time. lol Here is her sketch. She works in mixed media and does a lot of sketching on her iPad...or iPat as we call it.

Sketch by Pat Giagnat.

I did a few sketches for the challenge, but haven't taken photos of them and I can't upload them yet.


  1. Love the iPat sketch. Fun way to do it.

    Your sketch is great. Between your figures and architecture your sketches come alive.

  2. Funny! Both sketches are very nice and you did a super job on the Girls entrance. I like the shadows that Pat did under the chairs and the feet - lol

    1. Val, thanks! Pat does a great job sketching on and off her iPad.

  3. This is a great pair of sketches! I've done this with other sketchers, too -- it turns out we all drew each other!

    - Tina