Tuesday, July 25, 2017


My flight left out of LaGuardia Airport. I had plenty of time to capture an airport view.

On board I couldn't resist this.

My first Chicago sketch was of the gargoyle-type creature on the Howard Washington Library.


  1. he guy on the plane is pretty well fantastic. Good for you.
    Have a great and stimulating time.

  2. Oh Well done Joan! You certainly don't let any grass grow under your feet - lol. The sketch in the plane is super.

  3. LOVE the sketch of American Airlines....I guess partly because my husband works for them in JFK..lol. And the sketch of the people on board is well done....!!!!

    1. The airport/airplane sketches are fun to do and they help make travel time pass so much more quickly. Thanks!

  4. My own fault for not knowing you were here, Joan. I would have loved to try to meet up with you as well. Hope you enjoyed your time in Chicago. Love all of your sketches but my favorites are the sculpture paintings!