Friday, July 21, 2017

Fellow Sketchers and More People

After the Rubin Block Party those of us that remained (about 20) headed over to a bar to have a drink, food if we liked, and to share our sketches and stories of the day. As soon as we sat down people start  to sketch each other. I did 8 of the sketchers that I could see from my chair at the very long table. This sketch is what made me think about doing the challenge of the 100 people. It got me in the mood. lol


My people sketching continued today with a few sketches outside CVS and then inside the waiting area of Nissan Service while my car had routine maintenance. #66-80 There was a guy painting the wall but he didn't stay put long enough to sketch him actually working.

Then I left and went to Smith Point Beach. It was hot but I was perfectly content sitting under my umbrella sketching the people around me. #81-86


  1. Nifty. Looks like you are getting close to 100!

    1. Just a handful more to go, Jo. Hopefully I can finish at the beach today.

  2. It is always so interesting to hear about your sketching locations and to see your view of your world. I like the partly painted painter!