Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Church Window & People Sketches

On Sunday I went into the city to meet the NYC Urban Sketchers with another friend. We stopped at an art store that was having a sale. It was across the street from this church with all these windows and turrets. We had about 30 minutes before the store was opening, so I focused on one window with a little flowered balcony.

Here are my Day 2 sketches for the 100 people challenge. A few were done at the beach yesterday but for some reason I didn't post them (?), a few from the pool today, and a few of my fellow plein air artist friends from our painting location this morning.


  1. Oh, look at all the happy people. Great gestures.

  2. The church piece is so nice and loose - well done! I think I like the sketches of the artists vest as you seemed to give them more attention. I really like the lady with the apron

    1. Val, thanks. I think I spent a little more time on the artists since they were people I knew.