Monday, July 24, 2017

Peach and Cherries

Yes, the packing is finished, and I'm ready for the trip tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to post each day and keep up my blog while I'm gone. I will also try to post on Facebook for those of you who follow me there.

After I finished packing and we had dinner, I just HAD to paint something. I never got to do that yesterday and if two days go by I get too antsy. lol I grabbed something that was handy.


  1. I have caught up on your blog Joan, I have missed soo much. I can only imagine how busy and excited you are! I am excited for you, have an awesome time!!

    This still life is beautiful!

  2. I have heard of people like you who can't go two days without painting - for me it is reading - lol. Have a great time Joan and if you can't share while you are there you can share later.

  3. Love this, Joan. Peaches and too!