Thursday, March 9, 2017

#OneWeek100People2017 - Day 4

Today I had a great idea for where to find a lot of people...the Motor Vehicle Department. I don't know about where you live, but here in NY you spend quite a while waiting for your number to be called. There were lots of people seated, standing at the windows at the counter, and standing at tables filling out forms. It was the perfect perfect that I kept on going and going, and I sketched all the way to my goal of 100 people. Here are the last pages of my models.


These were done yesterday after I had already posted. The man on the left was parked at the beach next to me.

At first I had a seat where I could see the full figures of the people.

For most of these I sketched what I could see from where I was seated looking left.

Then I moved to a seat on the other side of the room so I could sketch people's faces from the other side.

Several people were standing at the table where there was space to fill out the forms.

Lots of people were just sitting and waiting.

Here are some additional people working on filling out their forms, and some people just waiting...and waiting.

This turned out to be a great place to sketch people. I'll have to remember it in the future on freezing days when I don't want to sit in my cold car.

After reflecting on this challenge there are a few things I realized:

1. Each day felt like I was starting over and I needed one or two people for practice before I got into the groove. A warm-up would be good.
2. The material I think worked best for me in this challenge was the Platinum Preppy pen. It moves smoothly and can give me enough detail to satisfy me.
3. People's faces are pretty similar with just small details to differentiate style (or lack there of) and chins (single or double). The faces don't really need a lot of detail since I wasn't doing portraits.
4. I still need to concentrate on the body heights and remember that the average body is about 8 heads high. I also need to work on drawing the position of the feet in shoes. Usually I get to that part of the figure and say, "Now what?." One of the artist who started the challenge, Liz Steel, has been making comments on her own sketches and when she finds something that needs attention she works on it, even researches it. Maybe that's what I need to do with the feet and shoes.
5. I LIKE challenges! LOL

For those who are curious, not one of the 100 people seemed to notice that I was sketching them. People around me noticed, but nobody made a big deal about it or even commented...they just looked and smiled.


  1. Wow, you can just see the boredom in their faces at the DMV! Congrats on finishing, Joan! Your reflections and learnings are really interesting, especially the warm-up part. I feel the same way every time I begin, too. It's like the first one is the "throw-away pancake." :-)

    1. Thanks, Tina. I guess it is like an need to warm up. lol

  2. This is a great challenge. Great sketches, Joan!!

    1. Celia, thank you! I think it was worth doing.

  3. Wow! Great idea for finding people! Sometimes I only see Gene for 2 or 3 days at a time! Good for you for doing this. Always learning something.

    1. Thank you, Jo. It was the best location out of all the ones I went to for people.

  4. Well done Joan! A super end to your challenge and I really like your recap - what a good idea.

    1. Val, thank you so much for following along and commenting. It means a lot.