Wednesday, March 8, 2017

#OneWeek100People2017 - Day 3

Today I went out for breakfast again. It seems like that is a good time to catch a lot of people. Bagel Lovers is next to my Weight Watcher's location in Patchouge, and my friends and I usually stop there for breakfast after weigh-in. I missed going there on Monday. It is usually crowded and I could was sure I could find some models. My only complaint with these "fast food" places is that their chairs are often connected to the tables and you can't push them back for more room to sketch. I like to sketch in my lap rather than on the table so it makes it a little uncomfortable. Here are today's characters. For a mild day there were a lot of people in puffy winter jackets and boots. lol These probably took me about an hour and a half but that included eating my breakfast too. I need to find a location where more of the people are facing me.

Happy International Women's Day!!!


  1. Super Joan. Loved how you included their puffy jackets and boots. Hope your are having a great day. Hugs!

  2. Wow! These are great. Love the "body language" on some of these characters. What a challenging challenge. LOL!

  3. Thank, Mickey. It was fun to do. Finding the people was the hard part.