Sunday, December 18, 2016

Penn Station

After getting off the train in NYC I was in Penn Station. I went in early so I would have time to do a sketch before I met my friends (non-sketchers). It was cold outside so I looked for something inside Penn Station that looked festive. I found a spot to stand where I could see the violinist playing down at the end of the hall and could also see the wreaths that were hanging. Penn Station is normally pretty crowded, but everyone must have rushed up to the street to see the holiday decorations because there weren't too many people walking around inside. This is a tiny sketch...done in my small moleskin.


  1. Penn Station looks very festive! More festive than the mall where we sketched today, which was kind of disappointing.


  2. I thought they did a beautiful job at Penn Station! I always enjoy the entertainment down the hall. Sometimes I almost wish I had a chair so I can sit down and enjoy the
    This sketch is wonderful Joan! the way you painted the wreaths...very festive.

  3. You always find the season …. nice!

  4. Dear Joan this is the perfect sketch to capture folks out enjoying the Christmas season. I just wanted to stop by and wish you and yours a lovely Christmas and to let you know how much I always enjoy your wonderful sketches. Thank you so much for always sharing. Sending you a big hug! Xo xo

  5. I love the wreathes and all the action which leads to the violinist. Great sketch, I can imagine it was nice to stand there listening to him play.

  6. Tina, thanks. They don't seem to decorate the malls as much as they used to.

    Hilda, I always stop and listen to the musicians there. Thanks.

    Jo, thanks.

    Debbie, I'm glad you enjoy seeing them. Thanks.

    Thanks, Celia. Normally it is too crowded to make it comfortable to sketch.