Tuesday, December 6, 2016

From the Past

I needed to go to Farmingdale the other day and decided to go over by Republic Airport to see if this building was still there. At one time it was a restaurant called the 56th Fighter Squadron and we had brunch there several times. It was decorated inside and out to resemble a building during WWII, and overlooked several historic planes at the airport. My father-in-law loved going there. Sadly it closed a few years ago. The building is still standing but is abandoned.


  1. Really nice job on the tree branch shadows and showing the roundness of the tower -- I often have difficulty getting that shape.


  2. How sad that it closed,the building is beautiful...I love the tower ,really great sketch!!

  3. A super sketch Joan and such an interesting building. It is sad t see so many interesting old buildings being abandoned or torn down but I gather it is very expensive to keep them in repair. Oh well, life goes on and at least you have the sketch as a reminder.

  4. Tina, thanks! Cylinders are hard to shadow so they look right.

    Celia, it is a shame. Thanks.

    Val, I really expected to go there and find that it had been torn down and a housing development it it's place. Thanks!

  5. Another beauty of a sketch. Good for you for recording a bit of history. Thanks.