Thursday, December 29, 2016

Barnes & Noble and a Bookmaking Class

After not getting much sketching through the holidays I was itching to go out sketching. I had some shopping to do up at the mall and stopped at Barnes & Noble. We have a Starbucks inside, but I've sketched so many Starbucks counters I wasn't in the mood to sketch the counter again. Instead I sketched this group of young girls hanging out at a nearby table.

I had signed up for a bookmaking class at one of our local libraries and the class was tonight. The instructor was teaching the coptic stitch which I've long wanted to learn...especially after seeing the neatly bound sketchbooks made by my friend, Tina Koyama (
My book came out OK, but I am aware that I made a few mistakes and will have to practice quite a bit to master this binding. It is much harder than the Japanese stab binding I did a few years ago. Here are photos of my book which is about 5 x 7 and has 5 signatures.


  1. I love your book -- lovely cover, too! It does take some practice to get the tension even so that the exposed thread looks nice and straight. It took me quite a while. Thanks for mentioning my blog! :-)


  2. Well done.... both the sketch and the handmade book.

  3. Simple beautiful sketch with so much info with few lines! Love the book, too. Wow!

  4. Thanks, Jo. I'll have to make more of the books.