Monday, December 5, 2016

Alcohol Inks - Part V

Here are two more small tiles I did with the alcohol inks. I put cork on the backs of the tiles to keep them from scratching things. I dropped off several of the tiles at a shop in the next town for her to sell during the holidays. She wants me to give a class and already has someone interested in taking it. lol

These are actually square tiles but I have to crop them because there is such a shine on the edges when I take photos of them.


  1. These are really vivid! I bet they sell well. Good luck!


  2. I can not believe how fast you picked up this new medium. These pieces are great - such control - wow! I am sure if you do a class it will be a great success. Well done, Joan!

  3. Thanks Jo, Tina, and Val. Maybe I'll have to tile a room. :)