Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Alcohol Inks

Here are the last two alcohol inks I did on tile. The top one is 4 x 4 and the bottom one is 6 x 6.


  1. I have been gone so it was fun to catch up with what you have been up to this month. I think you are doing wonderfully well with the AI. I see how versatile you are with two different images here. The grasses are great the way you have mixed line and puddles together. The big flow of the sky is dramatic in the top one. I like them both. Do you have a favorite?

  2. SO interesting Joan!!! I love the two of these but that first one caught my eye immediately.... It has that abstract feel !!! Beautiful work!!!!

  3. These are fabulous Joan, especially the top one - too dramatic!

  4. Thanks, Julie. I think my favorite was the large one with the red sky and the flowers in the foreground. But each one has something that I like so it is hard to say.

    Hilda, glad you like them. They sort of are abstract...but not abstract. lol

    Val, thanks so much. The colors and the movement make them look dramatic.