Saturday, October 8, 2016

Inktober - Day 8

This was sketched using sienna colored ink from the set of little bottles I have and one of the glass pens that came with it. I bought these golden beets at a farmers market the other day. I hope to do a watercolor of them before they go bad or I cook them. lol
#inktober #inktober2016

I posted this on Facebook this morning and someone asked what kind of pen was made of glass. Here is a photo of the pens and the set they came in.The threads at the end of the pen hold the ink as you sketch or write.


  1. I love this sketch, Joan! I have one of those glass pens, but it's really weird and scratchy. You're obviously getting a much better line with yours. Very nice!

  2. This is a great sketch Joan. You definitely know how to use that pen...LOVE the color ...

  3. Tina, my set came with two of the pens and both seem to work well. Thanks.

    Hilda, I'm slowly making my way through the colors in the set. Thanks so much.

  4. Beautiful beets, unusual for me to say that! The pens and ink look like fun.