Sunday, October 23, 2016

Inktober 23

As I said yesterday, we are on the road heading to Texas. Right now we are in Dickson, TN with another 7 hours behind us. We are more than half way to our first destination in Texas. My Inktober 23 was sketched in the lobby of the Hampton Inn where we stayed last night.
#inktober #inktober2016


  1. Great sketch and I enjoyed looking back to all of the days I missed. I really love your painting of Central Park!!

    I hope you have a safe trip!

  2. This is so cool! Texas is getting closer!

  3. Dear Joan you are doing a wonderful job keeping up with this month's challenge. Traveling hasn't kept you from doing those charming sketches. Sorry about the rain...Hope you see some sunshine today. Hugs!

  4. Thanks so much for looking back, Celia!

    Jo, thanks...tomorrow Texas!

    Debbie, thanks. I make sure I have one done the day before to post in the morning so I don't have to look frantically for a subject. lol