Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Citarella View & Video Link to My Presentation

Last Friday my friend had to go out to East Hampton to drop off something for a client and take care of a few things. I went along for company and to help her get the end tables into the client's house. I must say that mostly I closed and opened doors while she carried the pieces. When she was finished we went to Citarella on Main Street in East Hampton to have lunch and do a quick sketch. I had enough time to sketch this and just began adding color when we had to leave, so the rest of it I finished at home.

Back in my post for Nov. 18, 2014 I had posted a photo of myself doing my presentation for the Wet Paints Studio Group in Sayville. I spoke about art and my life and brought along examples of my drawings, collage, paintings, and sketchbooks. I promised all of you that when the video of my presentation was available I would post a link to it. Well...it has been on youTube for a while, but I had been posting so much here that I didn't want to overwhelm the pages. Now that things are a little quieter I am posting it. It is a little over an hour long so if you want to watch it you may want to do it in more than one sitting. lol Enjoy and tell me what you think.

(If for some reason the link doesn't work, please let me know. You can also find it by going to Wet Paints Studio Group's website: http://www.wetpaintsgroup.com. All the way at the bottom of the page there is a link to the Wet Paints Video Archive and when that opens I am the next to last one on the list...Joan Tavolott. They are in order by date.)


  1. Dear Joan - I am certainly going to check out this link. Will be looking forward to seeing your presentation. You are such a talented and dedicated artist that I know I will love seeing it. Also this sketch is super my friend. Hope you are surviving the winter. Hugs!

  2. Joan, it's so cool to see this video! I haven't finished watching it yet, but I just wanted to tell you right away that I feel like I've really "met" you now! You sound exactly the way you write in your blog! This is great!

  3. Yes I will check it out too. Makes me wonder Joan how you manage to paint and eat your meal in your time allowed LOL

  4. You did a great job, I love all the details! I will check out your link now.

  5. I watched the video in one sitting (while I folded laundry) and it flew by! I thoroughly enjoyed it, love seeing your collages and sketchbook, hearing your story! You are a remarkable person,Joan!!xx

  6. Thanks so much, Debbie. We are surviving. Yesterday was a slush day followed by freezing, but more slush is expected since it is supposed to hit 40 degrees.

    Tina, thanks! It is a fun way to meet me. Glad you enjoyed what you watched so far.

    Lorraine, thanks so much. I guess I just enjoy painting, and with no kids or grandkids not much else occupies my time...except my hubby and friends. lol

    Celia, thanks. You were brave to watch it all at once. Glad you enjoyed watching it.