Thursday, February 19, 2015

Library Sketches

With our bitterly cold days I've been spending a bit more time indoors. The other day I visited the public library and did a few sketches directly in pen.

This is a cozy spot for reading.

This lady was engrossed in her book.

These ladies come every week and play mahjong in one of the small rooms.


  1. I giggled seeing the Mahjong players, this used to be my mother and her friends; I finally gave her set to a cousin who wanted it, as I was never going to find anyone to play with and might have turned the tiles into art jewelry first! LOL Love all your art here, the chair does indeed look comfy. And the woman reading her little book is sweet. We miss your art at PPP&P, hoping you'll return soon.

  2. Thanks, Lynn. It is nice to be missed. I was busy with a few projects and didn't get to the last theme, but I just posted a few sketches there for the new theme.

  3. I love the reading spot! So very inviting! I love your vegetables a view posts back!!!! (I think I mentioned this before Joan but I want you to know all of your wonderful sketches would make a fantastic book!) Take care and stay warm!
    Brrrrrrr Michael

  4. Thank you, Sherry.

    Michael, thanks so much for your comment. It is so cold here...maybe you are more insulated by all the snow!