Monday, February 23, 2015

Ice Boat

LuAnn Thompson, the president of the South Bay Art Association, posted a photo to paint on our group's Facebook page as a challenge to the members during our long, cold winter. I took the challenge but left out a few of the other was difficult enough to draw. The Great South Bay does freeze over during really cold spells here, and this was the first time since 2010. The ice boaters must be having a great time because the wind we've had lately must make them fly across the ice. Here is my painting of her photo.

I did head down to dock in Bellport yesterday to see if there were any boats out, but I didn't see any....maybe because yesterday it was about 40 degrees (our first day over freezing in a while) and everyone was enjoying the warmth elsewhere. lol

Here is a quickie self portrait I did for something else.
Here's lookin' at you!


  1. brrrr.. feels cold looking at the painting. Well done, I think its hard to show snow and ice in watercolors..

  2. You have conveyed the feeling of cold in your first painting so well Joan. Love your self-portrait, I can't draw faces for toffee! lol

  3. Excellent self-portrait, Joan! I bet you could use that as your profile photo on Facebook and all your friends would recognize you!

  4. Especially love the self-portrait, Joan. Nice work all the way around yesterday!

  5. Thanks, Tina. That is one of the ones that came out looking pretty much like me.

    Sherry, thanks so much!