Monday, February 9, 2015

Frozen Lake

This was sketched at Artists Lake in Middle Island. The lake luckily still had a few openings in the ice for the birds.


  1. This seems almost wrong; I'm really enjoying your winter snow paintings but without having to actually be in it....and I get to drive anywhere without snow tires. Thanks for the virtual winter!

    BTW Did you know that The Sketchbook Project featured a spread from yours on Instagram today? A nice autumn scene. Congrats!

  2. Lovely mood. The birds are in my mind at the moment too.I
    did not find them easy to place in a landscape but you appear to have caught them just right.
    I offer my Congrats also...reading what Michele said.

  3. Perfect name for this lake to go along with my friend Joan. You've done a beautiful capture of the winter skies, the mood...the beauty and peace that is found in the stillness of winter.

  4. Michele, thank you. I'm glad you are enjoying our winter without having to be in the cold. I didn't know they featured something of mine. I'm not on Instagram.

    Thanks, Tina,

    Julie, thank you. I caught a few of them, but there were probably about 100 more. lol

    Sherry, thank you so much.

  5. Hi Joan, I love how you achieved the 'cold' feeling in your painting. I personally hope Spring will come soon, I am not a winter lover :-) but do enjoy your paintings!

  6. Joan - so nice to see that winter landscape in your part of the world. The birds look like they might just be a bit cold as well. Hope it will be spring soon. In the meantime have a great week.