Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sky and Trees

Sometimes when I drive around I see something and have to stop immediately. I had been near one of our local parks and I could see this view across the lawn of the park. So I pulled in the entrance, turned my car to face the view, and went at it!
Sadly, we have had a few cold, windy days and most of the beautiful colored leaves are now gone from the trees. I don't like seeing them so bare. It will be a challenge to search and find some trees that are still "in bloom."


  1. Joan you have captured the charming colors of fall. I am so sorry I missed your Wet Paints visiting artist demo. I am such a fan of yours. I look forward to seeing it on video.

  2. Thanks, Joan. Let me know what you think after you see it.

    Thank you, David!

    Sherry, thanks so much.

  3. ha - I hope you don't stop too immediately!!! ;-) lovely autumn shades, trees carry their beauty through all the seasons, but autum is always the most spectacular fer me, these are super...