Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Melrose Trees

With the colorful leaves on the trees I keep riding around looking for places to paint.
Each location I pass looks like a painting to me. This was done on Melrose Pkwy in East Patchogue.

I'm glad I painted so much when I could. Most of the trees have lost most of their leaves between yesterday and today because of the strong winds.

My presentation tonight went really well. When the video is available I will post it for everyone who wants to see it. For right now here are a few photos from tonight. My friend took more with her camera but I don't have those yet.

Showing my collage of rocks.

Talking up a storm.

Showing a plein air of Venice.


  1. You look magnificent, Joan! And those paintings are gorgeous! I never get a good feel for the size of your paintings so it is nice to see them in perspective!

  2. Such a beautiful Fall painting, Joan! I don't think I have any leaves on my trees after last night's wind storm..lol. These photos of you are wonderful and I really look forward to the video.....

  3. Thanks, Sherry. It is hard to picture the size of the paintings when you see them on a computer screen.

    Hilda, thanks so much. I will let you know when it is available.

  4. Dear Joan - I am sure you did a wonderful job...you looked very calm, cool and collected. Lovely seeing your trees too. So glad you captured them before all the leaves were gone. Can't wait to see the video. Hugs

  5. Good morning Joan! I so love all your recent fall paintings! Great rendering of the so very colorful and beautiful fall leaves. I am responding to your wonderful posts out of order I think! So now I am going to rush back to your most recent because I love, love, love, Did I say love? Well love again your carousel painting. So now back to the present! As always plenty of great art here Joan!

  6. Love these great great photos of you presenting your magnificent art! Looking forward to the video!!!!
    Michael Again!