Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sketching Opportunity

You really never know when a sketching opportunity will present itself...and you should always be prepared. Today was my birthday and I decided to go out to the Tanger Outlet Mall in Riverhead and do some shopping for myself. Then I planned to find a spot to sketch. I walked through much of the the outlet complex which is really big and I was on line in the Loft Outlet waiting to pay for something when the fire alarms went off. They made all of us evacuate the store and many people were clustered outside including all the sales people. I decided to use the opportunity to sketch while we waited. I had a good ink pen for sketching in my purse but my sketchbook was in the car at the other end of the mall. I did find my book of outlet coupons so I sketched on the back few pages which had coupons for hotels and assorted things in the area which I knew I wouldn't use. I did the ink sketches on location but added the watercolor when I got home. Without the color it was just to hard to make out the figures over all the print on the page.

These two women were sales personnel from the store. Luckily it was a warm day and they really didn't need coats.

The woman on the left worked in the store but the woman on the right was a customer.

There were a lot of emergency vehicle in the parking lot by the affected stores. I sketched those too. It took about 45 minutes before they finally let everyone back inside. (No, that isn't fire behind the firetruck. It was trees and once I put the color on I couldn't get it to lighten. lol)


  1. Your sketches look great regardless of the paper!

  2. Oh Joan, you made me'll sketch on anything...In reality, it looks pretty good on the coupons!!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  3. What a neat idea to sketch on the coupon pages. I love it!

  4. You are an artists through and through. Never missing an opportunity. Love these memories on vouchers.

  5. Oh these are just fabulous, Joan! I think the coupon print adds a whole new level of interest to these sketches and the color is wonderful!

  6. I love it Joan and the colors are wonderful! I think you will remember this Birthday, it sounds like you had a fun day!

  7. Dear Joan - wishing you a belated birthday wish. Thanksgiving was mine this year - so it was a double celebration.
    I think your creativity really came to the forefront in these sketches...they are delightful and I think the coupon look adds to the sales people and shoppers. Incredible how you turned an inconvenience into an art related blessing. Have a great day. Hugs

  8. Thanks, Tina!

    Hilda, thanks. I think adding the color helped. The black ink on the writing already there didn't stand out enough.

    Carol, It was that or sketch in my checkbook. lol Thanks.

    Thanks, Polly. You know I go for any opportunity.

    Sherry, thanks. I think the coupon print really makes them fun sketches.

    Celia, you know nothing stops me. lol Thanks so much.

    Debbie - Happy Birthday to you! Thanks. After doing 3 sketches I gave up waiting and went further down to stores that were still open.

  9. Wow!
    So glad you left your sketch book in the car! Sketches, as always are fantastic, but with the coupon ads as backgrounds all kicked up a notch! Fantastic!!!!