Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cassandra and Bill

My portrait group met last week and  Cassandra was our model. 

I finished her early so I sketched my friend, Bill, who was sketching next to me.
I was much happier with this one.


  1. Great job on these, Joan. I really love that gorgeous autumn tree below too!

  2. Both portraits are beautiful! The young girl is more of a formal study and your friend has a painterly feel. It is never easy to paint from life and watercolors makes it even more of a challenge, Great work Joan!

  3. Wonderful work with both, Joan! I love the looseness of Bill....

  4. Thanks, Sherry!

    Celia, thanks. I didn't have much time to sketch Bill and I think that helped. It did it looser.

    Hilda, thanks so much. I like the looseness too.

    Carol thank you!