Monday, November 24, 2014

A Trip to the Fulton Transit Center

Since it takes me so long to get into the city from out here in Suffolk County, I usually get to sketch a few commuters on the ride in on the Long Island Railroad. 
Here are the victims/commuters that I drew yesterday.

The NYC Urban Sketchers were meeting at the Fulton Transit Center in lower Manhattan which just opened a few weeks ago. It is a very futuristic building and the architecture isn't easy to sketch.

When I arrived at the Fulton Transit Center I was early so I decided to venture out into the cold to do a view from outside. I finished this but I was really cold! It felt so good to walk back into the warm building when I was done.

I headed inside and tried to do the view looking up to the top of the dome. I used a Tombow marker for the first time and didn't realize that it bleeds until I started adding watercolors. It made the sketch look a little different than I wanted.

I could see the hotdog vendor from my next spot which was sitting over the wonderful heating vent. (It was such a cosy spot.) So this time I sketched a bit of the inside and the outside too. It was nice that one of the security people was hanging around.

Mark, Mark, and Mary were busy sketching. 
I always enjoy sketching some of the other sketchers.

After lunch Pat, Jeff and I headed underground to the subway. Each time a train came through the cast of characters across on the other platform changed. I kept adding new people as each train left and new people arrived. We sketched until we were too cold. There is no heat down in the subway and it was rather drafty. I had already put on my scarf and fingerless gloves so I decided it was time to head upstairs and get warm again.

Here are the sketches that the three of us did in one photo.
(Left to right...Pat's iPad sketch, my watercolor, and Jeff's watercolor.)

After sharing our sketches a group of us headed over to the "Dr. Sketchy" event on Orchard St.
I will tell you about that sure to come back.


  1. Great sketches, every one! It's a wonder your fingers are not worn out

  2. What a great day! You sketchers are amazing and oh so strong to brave and battle the elements so consistently and so willingly!!

  3. Joan - this looks wonderful...your discipline in sketching is always so inspiring and your sketches are a living journal of your day to day life. Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. It sounds like an incredible painting day, Joan. I think the sketch of Cortland Street platform is excellent and should be a painting on a bigger that one!!!

  5. Polly, thank you. My fingers were worn out by the end of the day because this was just the start.

    Sherry, it helps to have others to keep up with. Thanks.

    Debbie, I'm like the Engergizer bunny. lol Thanks!

    Hilda, thank you so much. I may try a larger one of that or something similar.

  6. Ugh, one of these days I have to get my butt out with you guys. I haven't been to the new Fulton Center and I work very close to it. Your pictures are great and make me want to get down there. Love all the portraits. too.