Saturday, January 12, 2013


I am posting at the end of the day so I hope to do this quickly and then head to bed. I spent the day visiting my sister and her son and 5 of his kids came up to visit. I don't get to see them very often so it was a fun day.
I find doing portraits of children really hard. Usually they come out looking much older than they actually are, and these 4 are no exception. The kids were painting at the kitchen table and they wanted me to sketch them. First I sketched Lou while he was painting. He is only 4 and this came out looking a bit older...he is also much cuter!
Then I sketched Joe, who came out looking more like his older brother than himself.
Next Katerie wanted to be sketched. It looks a bit like her but older.
This attempt to paint Justin didn't go well. I don't think it looks anything like him and it makes him look about 17 and he is only 9.
The kids had fun posing and for the most part sat pretty still.
Goodnight! I'll be back tomorrow to view blogs.


  1. Good morning Joan!
    I love the portraits! Especially "Joe!" But don't tell the others. They are all special! Love the way you rendered their cheek color! And so much more!
    Also the boat and car in the water are very well done!
    Great blog!

  2. I cannot believe you did all those in a day, Joan! Lou's is my favorite, but they are all wonderful.

  3. Joan -- you are fearless! Remarkable work -- and I agree -- all in one day!!! I'd crash into bed too after painting all this!!! I think you did a grand job!

  4. As their grandmother, I recognize most of them. Actually, both Joe and Justin look more like Ethan. LOL! But everyone always tells me that they all look alike. You certainly are fearless to sketch four of them. I had enough trouble doing one sketch. You would think setting them up with paints would make for a relatively still subject, but NOT! Thanks for coming. It was a fun day!

  5. Dear Joan - You are amazing. Your sketches from life always are so inspiring. I have a nephew I would like to capture...wonder if he would sit still long enough? Thanks for visiting me too.

  6. Thanks Michael, Sherry, Lin, Mickey, and Debbie!

    Mickey - It was fun sketching them, but I would have been happier to get a closer resemblance. lol

    Debbie - They are much easier to sketch if they are absorbed in doing something.