Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Out With the Old, In With the New

I decided to finish the year off right. First I headed down to the water to do the final sunset of 2012. The colors weren't anywhere as exciting as they were the other day. This was done by the water in Sayville.
On New Year's Eve after a big prime rib dinner cooked at home and a few martinis I was definitely relaxed and worried that I wouldn't last until the ball dropped. So I decided to sketch until it did. Sketching Times Square from the tv was a challenge in itself. Most of the time they focused on the crowd or the performers with a quick look at the buildings. I did a few of the signs from what I saw, a few people from what I saw (yes, that person on the left in the front is a giant...perspecive isn't easy after martinis. lol), the ball, and a few buildings mostly from memory. Anyway I think it captured the magic of the night.
Yesterday, New Year's Day, I spent most of the day taking down my Christmas tree. Usually I don't do that until the middle of January, but we bought a new HDTV and I got a laptop for Christmas, so the cable tech is coming this week to connect everything. Yes, I will finally have the internet at home. Yeah!!!
The result of all that exhausting work is that I didn't get out to sketch anything, so again I sketched inside. I painted this bottle of wine instead of drinking it. lol Come over and I'll share it.


  1. DUI, huh (drawing under the influence)?! ;-) Nice sketches to end and begin the years! Happy New Year, Joan!

  2. I LOVE the Times Square sketch! It's awesome. I had the same idea myself, but was convinced that I would never be able to pull it off, since I don't sketch fast enough. But your sketching buildings and people for so long prepared you well for this.

  3. Well, your New Year's Eve was much more productive than mine. I think I was in bed by 7 p.m. LOL As always, I just love your painting sketches.

  4. Tina - They can't arrest me for that can they? lol Thanks.

    Mickey - Thanks. You didn't have to sketch fast...just do composites of people.

    Sherry - Thanks so much!

  5. You're so funny Joan...painting the bottle! which by the way is wonderful! But I LOVE the painting you did of Times Square!! An amazing piece!! You caught the excitement of the night!