Thursday, August 23, 2012

Waiting on Front Street

We had rain one of the days I was in Maine, so my sister and I went south to an art museum. Then we rode around looking for some place we could sketch from the car. We weren't inspired and she needed to stop for milk before we headed home. We stopped at a market in the historic section of Bath that had a row of stores across the street. The view wasn't great from the car, but when she went into the market she found out that they had an area with tables and a view out the window. So we got some coffee and sketched from there. At first I was going to paint this colorful orange store which was next to this one, but then I saw these two men obviously waiting for their wives under the overhang. When I finished, one of the woman came back and I was wishing I had done her too because she was in a bright yellow slicker!


  1. So cute. I like the detail of the pattern on his t shirt!

  2. Gosh Joan - you inspire me to take my sketchbook along when I am going somewhere - what a great sketch. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What an awesome job you did, Joan! I really love the street light and got to thinking about the age differences in these two men and how men seem to be able to just accept and talk to each other, no age discrimination involved. Love it!

  4. Nora - Thanks.

    Debbie - I try to make sure I always have my sketchbook with me...especially in the car. Thanks!

    Sherry - Thank you. lol You know how men get when their wives are shopping. lol

    Hilda - Thanks so much.