Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Maine Water Views

The good thing about painting in Maine is there are so many good views of the water.
This was done while sitting on Pemaquid Beach.

We took a ride over to Ocean Point near Boothbay Harbor. This is a great spot for rocks and water. Of course I didn't follow my gut and do the little red and white boat first. The owners came and took it while I was painting it! I told them they weren't allowed to remove the model but they just took it.


  1. How rude of those people taking their boat like that!.lol. Typical though isn't it. How many times have I started a painting and somebody sits in the way, or rearranges something! Love your paintings, you made the most of your outing. Maine sounds such a lovely place.

  2. Shame on those people for taking the boat...looks like you did a pretty good job painting it. Lovely art Joan...Maine never been there but have always wanted to visit. Your work makes me want to even more. Have a great day.

  3. Your skills have really grown this year Joan, getting better all the time.

  4. Both pieces are exquisite, Joan! I always enjoy seeing the Northeast through your paintings.

  5. Ann - Thanks. I should have known better and started with the boat. lol

    Debbie - Thank you. Maine is a favorite of mine.

    David - Thanks so much!

    Sherry - There are so many spots up there to paint. Thanks!