Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sketching Dinner

I don't think most people sketch and paint their food before eating it, but I couldn't resist doing this. He was so cooperative!


  1. Joan,
    It is a thrill to be the first to comment on this visual feast! I am so glad you sketched and painted this fellow!
    I am glad you couldn't resist creating this lobster portrait. Great colors and more.
    Not too long ago I took a photo of a huge Italian Sub I had in Boston. I figured some day I would do a painting. Now that you paved the way I think that some day is fast approaching.
    Great work.

  2. You're so funny, Joan! but I must say, this is painted truly beautiful. love the colors...I hope it was as good as the painting!!!

  3. Ooh posh dinner! and worthy to be painted - anything can make a piece of art can't it - I can see this framed and on display in a seafood restaurant looking fab! I once painted my cup of coffee sitting in front of me when trying to find inspiration one day

  4. Probably one of the best paintings of a lobster I've ever seen. This really is beautifully done, Joan.

  5. Joan now that is funny. He's still got his elastic bands on. Hope you didn't eat those too... Love the blue and rusty coloured blends and the details. :-)

  6. Michael - Thanks. Hope you paint that Italian sub!

    Hilda - Thanks so much. I've painted a few of these creatures before.

    Sharon - Thanks. Food is usually a good subject.

    Sherry - Thank you!

    Laura - I wasn't touching those bands until after he was cooked.Thanks.

  7. OH YUM!!! How did you wait long enough to paint this marvelous work??????? GRAND JOB, Joan!