Monday, March 26, 2012

View from Sandpit Park

This was the painting I did last week at the Patchogue Sketchclub location at Sandpit Park in Patchogue.


  1. Love the warm sky and peaceful aspect of this painting. You know how to pick an interesting view.

  2. I have to agree with your commenters, Joan. Your landscapes and buildings are always perfection.

  3. Hi.
    You are a wonderful painter.
    I came across your blog out of no where.

    your art works are very very inspiring.......

    How about you make an art of my dad with Yaks(in the background) it is there on my blog.

    i am sorry to say this but your art works are simply breathtaking.....

    have a nice day then

  4. Joan, Jacqui, & Sherry - Thanks so much for your positive feedback.

    Pelden - Thanks so much for visiting my blog and enjoying my work.

  5. I think you do each location such a honor by your paintings, Joan -- another beauty!