Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dune Road View II

On Friday we had such wonderful weather so I drove back out to the Hamptons to the same spot on Dune Road where I knew I could park. I wanted to try another view of this area. Instead of painting the view to the right like last time, I looked slightly left. This painting is about 6 x 15. I also used a fine micron pen for the wires. I think that works a bit better.


  1. Looks AWESOME!!! Friday I was in the garden cleaning up messes ... and wasn't it a glorious day? Even got a bit of pink on my cheeks!! LOVE how you do these, Joan!

  2. Only you can make telephone poles and lines look beautiful, Joan.

  3. Lin - Thanks. I am really enjoying the good weather while we have it.

    Sherry - Maybe that should be my next series. lol Thanks!

    Carol - Thanks so much!