Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dune Road Views

With the forecast for mild weather I headed for Dune Road out in the Hamptons, an area that has million dollar homes. Right now you can park in some areas, but once the season starts you have to be a resident. This was done in the Quogue section of Dune Road where "Hotdog Beach" used to be. I believe the fence on the left is what remains of "The Barge" which was a local bar/hangout when I first started going to the Hamptons in college. The second painting was done from the same parking area, but I parked close to the road itself so I could look down the road to paint.


  1. These are both gorgeous watercolors, Joan. At a glance, I thought they were photos! You hung out in the Hamptons in college? Wowsers!

  2. I REALLY LOVE these two Joan -- there's a marvelous, inviting warmth to them ...very inviting!!! brava!!

  3. Sherry - Thanks. The Hamptons was (and still is) a big hangout for young people...think "Jersey Shore" but about 30 years ago when things were much tamer. lol

    Lin - Thanks so much! I'm trying to visit some of the places that I won't be able to park anywhere near in the summer.