Friday, March 23, 2012

Stony Brook Harbor Views

We have had record warm temps making it perfect to actually sit outside and do plein air painting.

This was done at Stony Brook harbor. I like the little shed that gives the scene an interesting look. This painting is about 5 x 6.

Then I painted this from the exact same spot...just shifting my focus a bit. This one is 3 x 10.

I am enjoying being able to paint more than one view at the same spot.


  1. Love the rather unique sizes and your landscapes are always beautiful, Joan. I could live in that little shed!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, love the first one, for its beautiful tones in the sky. Well done. We seem to have the same favorites places to paint, we have to get together.

    Have a great day.

  3. Wonderful painting, Joan. I agree with that first one...nice reflections...

  4. Sherry - Thanks so much.

    Joan - Seems like we're following each other around. lol Thanks.

    Hilda - Many thanks.

  5. I LOVE all of these -- but I really adore how you do marshes!! A glorious one here, my friend!