Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sunken Meadow Views

Last week we had such warm temps that I headed up to Sunken Meadow Park. It was actually warm enough to sit in short sleeves (no scarf, earmuffs, or coat) and paint. I walked out a bit onto the shore around the inlet. The longer I painted the more I saw in the distance because it kept clearing. This is about 6 x 15.

I also did a watercolor and ink of another view there. I used water-soluble ink and soluble ink to get some of the texture in the hillside.


  1. I so love your landscapes. The top panoramic view is spectacular but I really love the bottom piece. Your technique is flawless!

  2. These are really beautiful. You have such a lovely way with landscapes. I've always driven by Sunken Meadow Park, but have never visited it. Based on your paintings, maybe now I will.

  3. Sherry - You are too sweet!

    Carol - Definitely make the trip! Thanks.

  4. Oh honey, again I love how you paint the marshes and grasses! LOVE the broad view of the park -- you honor that wonderful place!