Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Maine Visit - Day 2

 We lucked out with our trip to Maine and had really nice weather. On our second day we headed down to the Boothbay area. We wanted to see how the storm had affected that area, and I wanted to sketch. Michelle was more interested in going into the few shops that were open. We were a few days early for the start of the season. That meant no crowds and free parking.

We drove out to Ocean Point. Almost the entire road down along the point had to be completely replaced after the winter storms, and they are almost finished. There was a section that had beautiful pine trees, but all of them were knocked down by the waves.

There is a foot bridge that crosses the Boothbay Harbor which had been repaired recently, so we headed out there to sketch. There were benches which was nice, but the top railing ended up being right in our line of sight. It was foggy and what we were sketching kept disappearing. lol

Chris and Michelle went to go into a few stores and I sat outside what is one of my favorite stores there. They have nice t-shirts. Usually it is a difficult spot to sketch because of the cars and trucks coming through, but it was quiet when we were there. I did go into the store when I finished, but I didn't buy anything.

Just in case you were wondering about our meals up there we made sure to fit in the required fried scallops and clams.


  1. You captured the fog so well. Really nice. The Cannery sketch is so fine. The scallops sound and look delish. We so enjoyed them on our trip to Nova Scotia years ago. Digby clams were the specials everywhere.