Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pera Bell

Recently the Patchogue Sketch Club sketched along Main Street in Patchogue. I saw where I could see the restaurant Pera Bell (which I'm told has the best burgers) and a bit of the Patchogue Theater.
Of course someone was outside talking on his cell phone, which I guess is better than having a smoke. This was done across a double page spread in a sketchbook that my friend, Gina made. The paper isn't watercolor paper so it doesn't do well with big wet washes, but it does fine for most other things in a painting.

This sketch above is in my sketchbook that will be part of a sketchbook display in one of the galleries in Patchogue. It will be with other sketchbooks done by other artists in the Patchogue Sketch Club.


  1. Looks great - I love the "attitude" of the person with the cell phone - very relaxed. You've really captured the mood!

  2. Joan - really well done on the perspective, love the colors! I have a question about your upcoming sketchbook exhibit - how exactly do they manage showing the books? I've been asked to do a "sketchbook show" at a winery coming up this fall, and I have no idea how to display or manage it... how do you keep sticky fingerprints from getting on the pages? or (perish the thought) spills? Having been a fiber artist for a long time, I know that it doesn't take long for just a few barely visible smudges to become a big ugly issue. But sketchbooks, like quilts and weaving, just beg to be touched - such a dilemma! Thoughts?

  3. Another beautiful sketch, Joan...nice colors and of course, your brickwork is excellent!!!

  4. Great lines and perspective, Joan! I love the casual feel to the figure. Congratulations on your upcoming show. I love that they are displaying sketchbooks!

  5. What a wonderful sketch, Joan! Your proportions are spot on too!

  6. My computer has me reaching for an axe!!! Great sketch Joan and looking through, Bellport Garden is super. Congrats on the sale!!!

  7. Thanks, Suma. I don't think we can go anywhere without someone being on their cell phone.

    Kerry, thanks. I will be dropping off my sketchbooks this weekend. I know that my friend's husband has made display cases for them where they are attached to the display...but I think no matter what you do fingers will be touching the pages. I'll let you know what happens and I'll try to remember to take photos of the setup.

    Hilda, thank you so much.

    Sherry - Thanks.

    Kevin - Thank you for fighting with your computer to come here to look. I appreciate it.