Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sketchcrawl #34 at home

Yesterday was the 34th Worldwide Sketchcrawl. I had planned on going into Manhattan with my sketching friend, Susan to meet up with some other sketchcrawlers, but Mother Nature had a different idea. We ended up with a snowstorm that left us with about 4 inches of snow before turning to sleet. We wisely changed our plans. I didn't leave home at all, doing all my sketches from home...which unfortunately gave me ample time to snack too. lol

I started with a sketch of my warm, comfy bed after I woke up. I did the sketch before I even had coffee.
By that time I needed coffee, so I made a pot and sliced some mushrooms for an omelett.
I wanted to sketch some views of the snowstorm. I put a chair just outside my front door under the overhang on my patio and sketched looking toward the next unit in the complex. You can see my snow covered patio chair and the Christmas wreaths and trim that I still have up.
By now my fingers were freezing, so I did the next sketch from indoors. This is my living room looking out toward the patio that I sketched before. I got to sketch my brand new drapes.
This sketch was done standing inside my garage with the door up, looking across at the other building. Even sketching that way was mighty cold.
I had a half page left and no more scenic views from my apartment, so I sketched my backpack and trusty art supplies.


  1. Super sketches, Joan! Too bad that the weather forced us to do "at home sketchcrawls", but you really did a great job.

    So happy that I can now comment on your blog. A happy byproduct of completely restoring my computer. LOL

  2. Hi Joan,

    Love these sketches, how can I join sketch crawl. Would love to learn about this.

  3. Oh your home is so beautiful, your sketches just divine! I love that stained glass lamp next to your bed too. And your living room and front porch? Sigh....

  4. Mickey - I'm glad you can comment, now Lin can't. lol Thanks.

    Joan - It is fun to do. Thank you.

    Sherry - Thanks so much!

  5. hahahahaha I love that you did your sketchcrawl in your home! That's great. And your place looks pretty nifty too.

  6. Carol - Thanks so much! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

  7. Your paintings are
    EXACTLY why I love snowfalls and snowfalls ! You've painted the wonderful cozyness of being indoors while the world hushes in blankets of white!! LOVE THIS! Veggies, the porch, the town!! LOVE THESE!

  8. Lin - Thank you! I'm glad I had a cozy place to retreat to when I got cold.