Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Grange & Challenge Paintings

I wanted to capture a snow scene so I headed down to the Grange in Sayville. I like the path that goes through back to the caretaker's house. I've done this location a few times.

Here are a few more of the paintings for the Feb World Watercolor Challenge. Right now I'm about 3 days behind and need to catch up. (But I'm on the computer instead. lol)

A rainbow


 Several people asked questions about the sketches I posted of the Heart Tower yesterday. As far as how long they take me...I think the first one took me about an hour and a half, but the second interior one was really quick...maybe a half hour. We were meeting shortly to share our sketches so I didn't have much time. No that isn't another sketcher in the opposite building in the first sketch, although now that it was pointed out I do see it looks like it. There were these odd ornamental pieces adorning the base of the building. You could see them periodically around the building. I probably should have just left it out. lol

The base for the tower is a building that was there previously. Here are before and after photos of it from the same spot. It is an interesting place. The glass tower was attached to the original building. Then on the inside there is an atrium with a waterfall that probably extends several floors and a long escalator that takes you up to a light-filled area with several levels and lots of tables for seating (there is a buffet restaurant for the employees downstairs on the first level). Elevators go from there up to the offices.

The woman who organized the sketching brought copies of all the sketches to the management of the corporation and they said they would like to do something with them...either enlarge them and hang them or turn them into a booklet. We will see what happens.


  1. I sure love your rainbow! Those before and after photos are really interesting! What a contrast!

    - Tina

  2. Super rainbow sketch, Joan -I have always considered that a hard subject but you did a great job. I really like your fire one too and the snow scene. It would be super if they turned the sketches into a book - as long as the artists get the credit they deserve. Well done!

  3. Fun sketches, convincing fire, beautiful rainbow. That would be nice if you get published! Love hearing your adventures.

  4. Love your snow scene. You paint it so well (is it because you see it often? :)!! Your rainbow is so cheerful and I can see myself sitting close to that fire. Take care and enjoy your Feb. challenge. Hugs!