Thursday, February 2, 2017


Over the years we've lived out here, I've sketched scenes at this boatyard in West Sayville so many times. There is almost always a big boat being spruced up or repaired. Sometimes if I'm lucky, there are workmen on scaffolding or ladders to include in the painting.


  1. Beautiful watercolor eyes are taking me all over the canvas....

  2. Replies
    1. Joan, thanks. We are so lucky to have so many scenic areas here.

  3. I enjoy seeing all the details and what a great idea of putting in the truck to give an idea of the size of the boat - when you said big boat you meant it. I saw some of these when I was in Miami and could not believe how high out of the water they went. I was told some of them cost millions.

    1. Thanks, Julie. Some of the ones they work on here are ferries that go over to Fire Island as well as some of the large fishing boats.