Monday, February 6, 2017

People Sketches to End the Day

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, due to the huge crowds for the Chinese New Year Festival, we couldn't find a Chinese restaurant that could seat all of us (15 people) for lunch. Most of the restaurants in NYC's Chinatown are tiny and they turn over the tables fast. After checking with a few larger places and not getting anything we headed off to Empenada Mama on Allen Street, a short walk from Chinatown. They were really accommodating and put together enough tables for us to sit as a group. Aside from a few higher tables we had the entire place. I've never eaten empanadas before and the food was really good. We all enjoyed being out of the cold, so much so that after lunch we stayed. We kept ordering drinks and at the end of the day left a really big tip so the waitress was quite happy. Being urban sketchers we always draw until lunch arrives and we had many faces to sketch. Here are the ones that I completed. You can see that the sketchers are usually looking down at their sketchbooks. lol

I did one final sketch for the day on the Long Island Railroad heading home. It was a long day of sketching.


  1. Great catches. Mmmm, I love empanadas. I like pastry, so…. Bolivia had some called Salteñas. Mmmm, mmm, good.

  2. Thanks, Jo. The empanadas were good. There was a lot on the menu I would have loved to sample.