Thursday, November 17, 2016

Working on the Wires

Our neighborhood has been having a lot of updates lately. The street right outside our development has had crews working for the last few weeks replacing the electric poles (or that's what I think they are doing). I've been stopped in each work area for days. When I went out on Saturday there were four trucks on the street working. By the time I sketched the first one, the others had packed up and left. It must have been lunch time...but I didn't think they would have to take the trucks. lol


  1. You find art everywhere!!!! Lol. Excellent painting once again!!!!!

  2. You make construction look beautiful! Fall colors...but I adore the slow sign holder - a LOT!
    The weather is perfect for you right now isn't it, Joan, Hope it lasts and lasts.

  3. I like the workers, too. Great life snapshot.

  4. Ha Ha! Maybe there was nowhere they wanted to eat in the neighbourhood so they needed the trucks. I don't think you have enough workers in the pic - there are usually a few standing around supervising - lol.

  5. Ordinary life is always fun. Thanks, Hilda.

    Julie, I like construction and the guys in their bright colored vests. I had to sketch the guy with the sign. Thank you.

    Jo, thanks! I sketch what's there.

    Val, lol they were working in front of a school...and yes, I left out a lot of them.

  6. Hey, this is my kind of sketch! LOL! Nice job on the complicated truck!