Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Layla's Nashville

Today we hit downtown Nashville. We didn't plan on being here during the Country Music Awards but somehow managed to be in the midst of it. Nashville gets crazy enough, but with all the people in town for the awards it is so crowded. Luckily our hotel provides a shuttle to the downtown area, so rather than driving down that's what we did. I did quite a bit of sketching. This was done of the band playing at Layla's Nashville. The band never gave their name but they were really good. When we got there and I started the sketch there was another woman with them, but she disappeared off the stage. You can see I left a spot for her, but she didn't come back on before we left.


  1. Oh what fun! You take interesting trips and have great travel journals!

  2. Thanks, Jo. I've sketched quite a bit here in Nashville.