Friday, November 25, 2016

City Views Part II

When I finished the previous sketch of St. Paul's Chapel I headed to the cemetery in back of the chapel. That's where I found many of the other sketchers. I had a very short time before we were heading off for lunch so I did a quick sketch with my brush pen.

We headed over to Brookfield Place to meet our other sketchers who were taking part in a collage workshop. Lunch was next and it was fun catching up with some people I hadn't seen in a while and new people too. After lunch we went outside and sketched the views. I focused on the glass building we had been in earlier. All those panes of glass were a challenge. lol


  1. Good job on all that glass!


  2. Very nice sketches Joan. Love the building and the details on the glass.....

  3. WOW that glass building must have been real trial but you did a great job. There seem to be so many interesting building that it is a good thing you like to sketch them - me? I'll stick to landscape panoramas with no people - lol. Have a great weekend, Joan.

  4. That glass was a pain, Tina! Thanks.

    Thanks so much, Hilda.

    Val, it is fun to do the buildings too. You know me, I'll sketch anything. lol Thanks.

  5. The Red Balloon ... It's a fun touch, a bit of whimsy in an imposing scene of a building blocking out the sky ... An unwitting nod to a childhood filled with stories of lost balloons and faraway skies? ...

  6. Loved seeing Brookfield Place. Used to work a block or so away. Great sketches.